At Omni Utopia, we understand that managing cost effectively is critical not only for the optimal performance of a Small & Medium company but also for its very survival!

We consider any expenses incurred to work with Omni Utopia with utmost care. You go for a FREE “Test Ride” during which there are no charges incurred. Omni Utopia will bear the cost of providing the service*.

Further into the relationship, we don’t charge by the hour or bill for a price irrespective of the outcomes achieved. At Omni Utopia, we have adopted the idea of Value Pricing. We charge a pre-agreed fixed price amount ONLY if the desired business outcomes have been achieved. If for any reason, the outcomes are missed or unsatisfactory, we will work hard to course correct and better serve to enhance the relationship. The control is in your hands at all times!

  • *We may negotiate a nominal price for covering administrative costs if outstation travel and potential large expenses are required to provide our services during the “test ride” phase. We also aim to follow the lean startup philosophy in order to deliver solutions faster at lower cost under the right conditions.